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Car Essentials To Take With You While Traveling

With Summer approaching, lots of families will be hitting the road for some much needed time away from home. We’ve got a great list of helpful products to keep in mind when heading out - and if you haven’t already, check out our blog about which car checks to do before leaving home! Find it here:

Depending on where you’re going, you’ll have location specific items - like a tent for camping! Here are a few general items to remember to pack before you leave home!


Sat Nav:

While most people now have access to a maps system either built into their vehicle or using their phone, it can be helpful to have an actual sat nav during long journeys. Make sure to charge and update it before departing.


Travel Sickness Remedies

If you, or anyone in your travel party suffers from car sickness, it’s a good idea to invest in some travel sickness remedies such as tablets or travel bands to ensure they can enjoy the trip too!



Make sure to take any chargers you’ll need for the trip along with a car adaptor if you’ll need to charge a device while driving!


Sunglasses and Sunshades:

Hopefully you’ll have nice weather for your get-away! So don’t forget to take some sunglasses to reduce strain on your eyes. If you’re travelling with children it’s a good idea to invest in some sun shades to keep them protected.


Drinks and Snacks:

While you can always stop at services for supplies, it’s always good to have some with you just in case. Remember to pack extra water in case you get stuck in traffic and if you’re travelling with a pet, don’t forget their water will need topping up too!


Toys & Entertainment for Little People

A nice selection of distractions is always recommended when travelling with children to avoid distracting arguments or tantrums. Long car rides can be tough on children, so plan ahead to provide plenty of entertainment for them! 


You can never anticipate when an accident will happen, but you can prepare for it. Here’s a few safety products to consider having while out on the roads.


Dash Cam:

With more cars out on the road this summer, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a dash cam in your vehicle in the event of a collision. Dash cams can help give peace of mind and important evidence should an accident occur.


Warning Triangles:

Warning triangles are a small but effective tool for giving advance notice to oncoming vehicles that a crash or accident has occurred. It’s advised to place your warning triangle at least 45 meters from your vehicle and not to use it on motorways due to hazards.


Jump Leads:

Jump Leads are a must when travelling far from home. If you find yourself caught out by a flat battery, your jump leads will save the day, providing you can find another car to jump it off of.


First Aid Kit:

It’s a good idea to keep a selection of first aid items on hand while travelling in the event of an injury. You can purchase travel first aid kits or make up your own, and remember to restock it after each trip to replenish any used supplies.


Pet Safety:

If you’re taking your dog with you on your trip, it’s important that your pooch be properly restrained (in accordance with the highway code) during the ride. If your dog travels in the boot, consider a dog guard. If they travel in their own seat, a seatbelt clip or harness would do the job to help keep your pup safe.



Have a great summer from everyone at West Heath Garage.